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There are a number of ways you can submit material. 
Some are better than others. I’ll leave the choice to you. 
The decision you make will  depend on the resources you have available.

Prior to making any submissions I ask that you send me an email in advance so that I can agree to review your submission and also so I am expecting your material.  Please remember to include a brief Bio and a brief statement about what you hope to accomplish with your submission. 

(Goals other than riches, fame and glory are a really good idea!)

Carriage Options:

•   Post – Good old ‘Snail Mail’ is the slowest but it is reasonably priced and reliable.
•   CD and Thumb Drive – Cheap and easy for everyone to understand. CD’s are also fool proof for me to audition.  Post or Courier are the only options if you choose to send a CD or a Thumb Drive (see Terms and Conditions regarding the return of your Thumb Drive).
•   Courier – Fast but more expensive and given how remote my facility is, it can be inconvenient on my end because couriers don’t deliver to my property.  (Advance arrangement with me should be made for this option.)
•   Email – Quick but limited by the file size.  Good for reasonably sized MP3 files and compressed folders.
•   Digital file transfer sites like, and others can be quite good.

>   These are free provided you stay under a certain files size, generally in the range of 50mb to 200mb.
>   They are a bit slow uploading, but still convenient for larger files than email will generally allow.

•   At the moment I cannot offer FTP services to unknown individuals.

Note!  Any files sent electronically should be compressed to ensure the header information of the file remains intact.  A good way to do this is to put your file inside a folder and then compress that folder with the compression utility on your computer.  On a Mac use File>Compress.  Never use any third party compression software like Stuff-It.  I’m sorry to say that if you are using a PC your on your own but I’m sure all will be well.  I will decompress any files I receive using the in-build compression utility in Macintosh OSX.


•   CD’s
•   Thumb Dives (using the digital formats below):

>   Broadcast Wave or .WAV

–   Interleaved or multi-mono for stereo files
–   Sample rates of 44.1 and 48k
–   Bit depths of 16 or 24 bit

>   MP3

–   Interleaved stereo, which is the default for MP3 files.
–   Sample rates of 44.1 or 48k, depending on what your software allows.
–   Bit depths of 16bit, the default for MP3 but 24 bit is just fine.

>   There are other formats that will work for me such as AIFF, etc. but we should discuss this first before you diverge from these technical criteria.

If you haven’t already, I recommend you review theTerms and Conditionsfor any work undertaken by Sunny Hills Studios and John Haeny.

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