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There are indeed circumstances where I will do trial mixes at no charge:

•   to establish a meeting of the minds and to ensure my mixing suits your tastes.

•   to expand the circle of artist I interact with, for mutual artistic development.

•   to offer a ‘hand-up’ to new artists!

If you:

•   are established and looking for ‘Fresh Ears for the mixing of your general work or a specific project.

•   are starting out and looking for the hand up that first class highly professional mixes can offer.

•   have been mixing your own work (or using another mixer) and need a fresh point of view for your mixes.

I expect you to presume that you can not afford me if, after trial mixes, we mutually elect to go forward.  Should that happen, please follow these links:

•   Of course I must reserve the right to audition your material prior to embarking on a trial mix to ensure that I can make a positive contribution to your work.  Please read about Submitting Material.

•   Here are the Terms and Conditions that will influence if I will undertake a free trial mix for you.

•   Here are some of the Financial arrangements that are possible going forward.

•   This site is full of information regarding my body of work … Bios, CV’s, Credits, Discographies and The Listening Room.  Please feel free to have a look around and make your own determination of we would be a good match.

•    If you want to go forward please drop me a note and we can take it from there.  Contact.