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The Outlook From Sunny Hills Studios

Located high above the fog in the scenic hills of the Huon Valley in Tasmania, Australia is my personal studio, Sunny Hills Studios.  It is located in my residence on ten beautiful rolling isolated acres at an altitude of 400 metres (1,300’).

The studio is centered on a large scale Pro Tools digital audio mixing platform and workstation including a 5.1 cinema audio monitoring system housed in a spacious and comfortable mixing suite 3.5 metres (10’6”) by 7 metres (23’).  Adjacent to the mixing suite is a large 7 metres (23’) x 10 meters (33’) timber lounge room with slate floors and a cathedral ceiling.  This is also a beautiful space for acoustic recording and is enhanced by a Yamaha C-5 6’7” Conservatory Grand Piano.  Here are some images of the Studio.

Additionally on site accommodation can be arranged including one bedroom with a queen sized bed, a second smaller bedroom with a single bed and a self-contained bathroom, shower, toilet and coffee refreshment area.  The guest accommodations are in the same wing that houses the mixing suite and are independent from the remainder of the house which contains the lounge room, kitchen, dinning room, my office and private quarters.  You can find images of the house and property here.

SunnyHills-Exterior (1 of 4)The drive to Hobart, capital city of Tasmania, is about 40 minutes on excellent roads.  Its a brief 12 minutes down the hill to Huonville which has all the shops you could require.  The drive to Hobart International Airport is around 50 minutes.  The property also offers endless parking for virtually any type of vehicle.

All of this is located away from any city lights, more sky and stars than you can imagine, no neighbouring houses and only the occasional passing of a car on the road which is over 100 metres (300’) from the house.  There is a partially covered 3.5 metre (10’6”) by 19 metre (62’) deck off the front of the house complete with broadband Wi-Fi.  The stillness of nature can be breath taking!  It’s easy to get your creative juices flowing if you can break free of the view and the crystal clear Tasmanian air.  You can also enjoy the view and atmosphere while relaxing and working on the deck while I’m at work in the Studio only a few steps away, well within earshot so you can monitor the ongoing progress.

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