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Rates … always an interesting topic!

It’s easy to quote high-end studio rental and personal engagement rates.  But I’m a pragmatist and fully understand the economic realities of the Australian Motion Picture, Television and Music industries.  There is no simple formula.  Every project will be quoted on it’s own merits.

Some considerations:

These are the items that motivate me and can impact on the structuring of compensation:

•   I don’t only work for the money!  That said… money is a good thing, I like money and one never has enough money!  High-end studio facilities take money to build and maintain and Sunny Hills Studios is not a hobby!
•   I usually work to a project or package price that bundles the studio facility charges (including accommodation if required) and my own personal fees.  The package takes into consideration the project specifics and will include ‘whatever it takes’ in terms of time, energy and resources to get the project over the line (within ‘reasonable’ limits).
•   I can always be motivated by an artistic challenge.
•   I can always be motivated by good personal working relationships.
•   I can not be motivated by glory!
•   But I can be motivated by great music!

I will always make financial concessions to assist
developing Australian artists progress their careers.
(This applies to both Screen Composers and Recording Artists.)
Charges are usually structured along these lines:

With music for Film and Television these are the items that will be considered to formulate a package price:

•   Recording per day charges (for Scoring Sessions on the Mainland or Overseas)…if any.
•  Accommodation, Per Diem and travel payment for out of town or overseas travel.  Be prepared to offer a minimum of 3 to 4 star accommodations and Business Class or Premium Economy air travel.
•   Number of days of mixing and additional editing required per project.

>   Format of the project, 5.0 or 5.1 mixes take more time and effort than stereo.
>   Generally, acceptable stereo fold-downs can be made from 5.0 or 5.1 master mixes.
>   Both discrete stereo and discrete 5.0 or 5.1 is the most time consuming.

•   The expected amount of mix revisions or changes created by picture changes and the anticipated amount of input based the number and nature of the Producers, Networks, Production Organizations, Record Company Executives (A&R), Artist Management and Commissioning Editors attached to the project.

>   The number of people I am required to collaborate with to arrive at an approved result = time = cost = stress for all involved.

–   Working with a Composer takes much less time and can be much more productive than working with a Composer, Director and/or Producer.  Multiple Producers adds additional time as well.  Multiple Producers and representatives of the Networks can be the most time consuming, stressful and expensive projects and for the sake of everyone’s sanity … we may now be moving into the area of “you can’t afford me”.

•   For Albums, EP’s or Singles

>   A per song fee can be agreed upon.
>   A reduced fee upfront, offset by a royalty is an option.
>   A pure royalty can be arranged with no fee or very minimal fees upfront in certain circumstances (Discuss this in advance if this is what you are seeking).

There are many options to consider.  May I suggest that if you want to proceed
that you ensure you have checked out Submitting Material and
then feel free to use Contact so we may directly determine
if mutually advantageous arrangements can be made.

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