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The Listening Room


I hope you will enjoy these selected, and in some cases rare and unreleased recordings from my career.  I have chosen material that I am especially found of or that is,  at the very least…unique.  My desire is that, over time, ‘The Listening Room’ will become a broad and colorful collection of music across diverse genres of both music and artists.  To make ‘The Listening Room’ easier to navigate I’ve broken the music down into general groups of interest.  You will find these links in ‘The Listening Room’ Library.

[The Listening Room is always a work in progress and will be added to continually…so keep checking back for more.]

Last updated September 14, 2013

[ Embarrassingly I’ve been a very bad boy!  Clearly there is a big disconnect between my intentions and my actions. 

My intention is for this to be a rich library of music I’ve had the great  privilege of helping tp make

… the reality is there is a huge library of tapes and disks just sitting waiting for me to get off my arse, select, digitalize and post. 

Anyway, sorry folks,  I’ll try to do better in the future! ]

I ask that you respect the copyright of the creators of these works and do not download any of this music.  This music has been posted as a legacy archive of my contribution to the Music, Film and Television Industries. It has not been posted for financial gain.  In building this site everything possible has been done to ensure that this music is available only for streaming.
Please enjoy the music I have spent the better part of my life helping create

 By using the link below you agree to not to download any of this music.
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