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Following are a number of steps designed to ensure that
our working relationship is a good fit for both of us.

Obviously you are not here by accident!  You are either here because you are aware of my credentials or my body of work has attracted you…or perhaps I have approached you.

•   It is crucial that you know my ‘voice’ and to that end, both in the Discography and The Listening Room you will find extensive examples of my work across a broad range of genres’.

•   For our collaboration to work it needs to create a union of the composers vision for their work and my voice as a mixer.  There is no greater complement than for an artist to say; “How did you do that?  That’s exactly what I heard in my head while I was composing!”  or “It’s so much more than I ever imagined it could be!”.

•   Also if you need a set ofFRESH EARSto mix your music and you like my ‘voice’ then we may very well have the makings of a solid creative collaboration!

>   To these ends please consider these additional steps:

–   If I have contacted you directly then I am aware of your work and would enjoy working on your music.  In that case, if you would like, we can move directly to a trial mix.
–   If we proceed with a trial mix there are a few conditions intended to protect the integrity of the process.  Please see the ‘Terms and Conditions’.

>   If you are a new artist to me, I would appreciate it if you would submit a few cues or songs for me to audition.  If I feel I can make a contribution to your music, then I’ll be more than happy to consider a trial mix for you.

–   In any event, no material submitted will be ignored, nor will I fail to respond with comments or feedback.  I will try hard to not leave you hanging!
–   Please follow the link  ‘How to Submit Material’ where I will outline the various tactics and formats for submitting material.

These steps are necessary to ensure that any work undertaken
is productive and rewarding for the both of us.

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