This is where you contact me about Sunny Hills Studios or my personal services.


This site is not a discussion group or a Blog!  This is a personal legacy site.  It’s contents are intended for those who are interested in my career, credits or working processes.  If you are following in my well worn footsteps and you find anything posted here helpful or inspiration, great.  If you want to contact me to tell me so … it will be warmly appreciated … but it is not required.

Nothing posted here is for discussion!  I have turned ‘comments’ off throughout the site. 

Debate about my personal experiences or views is a waste of time.  If you must engage in commentary about my site … please feel free to set up YOUR OWN site!

If you do, on the other hand, want to contact me regarding work, please feel free to drop me a line.

If you abuse the purpose of this contact link I will trash your email. I WILL NOT engage with you!



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