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 Always A Work In Progress

Overtime I will publish Articles / Stories and Essays from my career in the Music and Entertainment Industries.

Hopefully  you will find them interesting, informative and perhaps even entertaining.

“Anything offered freely is worth just exactly that … ‘nothing’ … you can take it and use it as you see fit, or ignore it and find your own path.”  

All these stories and articles are offered in that spirit!  John Haeny – August, 2013

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•   Jim Morrision’s “An American Prayer”

The complete and unabridged story of the making of Jim Morrison’s “An American Prayer”.

•  Waves Interviews and Articles

I did an interview with Waves about my role in the development and design of the “Kramer Master Tape”… a model of a classic Ampex 351-2 valve (analogue) reel to reel tape recorder.

>   As part of the Kramer Master Tape development, when the plug was released to the Beta Testing Team I was aware that most of our team had grown up in the Digital Age and had very little experience of analog magnetic recording.  So to help them understand the function of a plug-in that models this behavior I wrote a White Paper to provide a tutorial on this technology.


In 2000 I did an interview with noted UK music writer, Nick Warburton about the development and recording of the first album of Elektra Records 1968 “Super Group”  Rinocerous.  That article can be located HERE.

•  Martha Haeny

My beautiful mother Martha passed away on June 9th, 2012 at 97.  Her passing took 10 days.  It was peaceful, free of pain and free of fear.  During her process I went through all the family photographs and made this video using photographs of her during her lifetime.  I set them to her favorite song … one she though was written about her, and for her – “Five Foot Two, Eyes of Blue”.  You see because Martha … you guessed it, was Five Foot Two and had Eyes of Blue.  You can view that video  here.

•   Bobby Darin’s lost classic “Bobby Darin Sings Dr. Doolittle” – Posted August 7, 2013

It was Monday the 24th of July, 1967.  I was 27 and working at United and Western recorders in Hollywood.  As was the convention, I knew that I had a double session booked that day (2 three hour sessions with an hour break).  I had found this assignment a few days earlier as part of my responsibility to check the studio booking logs for sessions that had been assigned to me.  It was booked in Western Studio 1, the great and last studio and chambers built by Bill Putnam.  Western One (now EastWest Studios) was a studio that I loved and had done a great deal of recording in.  It was also the room I where I was to record my first Gold Album, Judy Collins’ “Wildflowers”.   To this day it remains one of my all-time favorite studios.  The artist was Bobby Darin and the orchestra was about 35 musicians, a nice size orchestra of Hollywood’s “A” team that with good arrangements could easily sound much larger.  Other than that, I had no prior contact with the Producer, Artist, Arranger or Conductor.  Again this was standard for the day.  All I knew was the artist, date, hours, studio and instrumentation.

The set-up crew had the room ready for me based on studio layout and set-up plans I had drawn up in advance, so I showed up about 30 minutes prior to ‘down beat’ to ensure everything was ready.  The technical crew had been working in advance to ensuring the tape recorders were aligned.  It turned out that those were to be six rare and unique hours resulting in an amazing and, sadly, lost classic album.  This is the story about the process of recording that album during the golden days of live analogue tape recording.

•   Sound Engineering Posts and Articles – Enter

I will create new or publish older articles that I have authored about sound engineering … mostly about the recording and mixing of music.  They will be related to my personal process and those things I have learned that contribute to my artistic ‘voice’.  My hope is that, over the years, this will become a repository of reference works for those who are following in my footsteps.  Like so much of this web site this will be an ongoing ‘work in progress’.