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For Independent (Indie) Artists

Please read this brief outline.  It covers the simple terms and conditions for my offer of a ‘free mix and a hand-up’ with your career.

You can be a solo singer songwriter (good if you play guitar or keyboard at least competently), a duo, a band (of almost any description and genre’ … folk, rock, jazz, world, new age, etc … it’s all good).  I am, for the most part, interested in unattached independent artists (who want to stay that way), that perform original material.

I am not a manager nor am I a promoter, agent or booker.  What you make of the results of our collaboration is entirely in your hands.  But we will discuss your level of commitment to your career and that will impact on my decision to get evolved with you.  If you aren’t prepared to do the ‘hard yards’ once we have made the music, there exists the potential that the entire exercise will be a waste of time and effort from my point of view.

•   You need to want what I can contribute to your career … as a mixer my ‘Sonic Signature’ is distinctive.

I need YOU to keep me viable!

I’ve often been called a “Musical Midwife”

… without the artists, I am nothing!

•   I must like your music and feel I can make a positive contribution!

•   Are idiom’s an issue? 

Virtually everything is cool with me.  Music is music … sound is sound!

•  Does it make any difference where you live?

Hobart is ideal, Tasmania is great, as is the Mainland of Australia, but with today’s technology anywhere in the world is just around the corner.  Check out this link if you want to know more.

•   We must like and respect each other and always treat each other professionally.

If you don’t hold my age and experience against me

… I won’t hold your youth and possible in-experience against you … Deal?

•   What am I happy to do for you:

>   Mix existing completed tracks

>   Help complete the recording, production and mixing of existing tracks

>   Produce, record and mix from the ground up … anything from a single (a good start) to an EP or even an album.

•   What will it cost?

First, if we agree, I’m happy to work for nothing, on spec. (with or without points), or for money … out of pocket costs, a little bit of money or massive amounts of silly money

… it pretty much depends on your resources and our connection.  (Be creative!)

•   Now what?

>  First start the conversation by dropping me a note from the contact page.

>   Be prepared to send me some music on CD, MP3, by post, email … just about anything, anyway … check out this link if you would like.  Rough is best, please don’t bother polishing … that’s my job!


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