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Sunny Hills Studios provides a comfortable, private and rural working environment with equipment usually only found in major mainland city facilities – add to this the expertise and talent of a world-class Engineer/Mixer. 
On-site accommodations can also be arranged and the drive to the capital city of Tasmania (Hobart) and the Hobart International Airport is under an hour.


Recording and Mixing

•   Avid Pro Tools – HD3 Acel Digital Audio Workstation.
•   Avid Pro Tools version 10+|HD software.
•   All Waves released plug-ins (Diamond + Studio Classics), all standard Avid plug-ins plus a large variety of third party plug-ins.
•   Macintosh Quad Core Intel Mac Pro with 7 TB Storage (3.6TB online).
•   Apogee Audio Rosetta 800 8 channel converter via Lightpipe for main inputs and outputs.
•   Apogee A/D 2 channel dedicated converter for external analogue equipment interface and Pro Tools master clock.
•   Focusrite© / Avid Control|24 mixing controller.
•   16 Focusrite©  microphone pre-amplifiers
•   Drawmer 1969 ‘Mercenary Edition’ two channel pre-amp and valve compressor.
•   Otari MTR-10 ¼” analogue professional tape machine (for transfers and recording mixes for that true ‘sweet’ analogue sound)
•   HHB Professional direct CD burner / player.
•   Dual 16:9 22” Computer Monitors
•   Dual Spacedec articulated monitor mounting arms.
•   The Mixing Suite is 3.5 metres (10’6”) by 7 metres (23’).


•   L/C/R Genelec 1032 Active Main Monitors.
•   Genelec 7070A for Bass Management of Mains, Surrounds and the .1 LFE for 5.1.
•   B&W six loudspeaker cinema surround system.
•   Dynaudio BM6A powered Nearfield Monitors.
•   Boston Acoustic AV small speaker monitors.
•   Stereo Auratones can be provided with advance arrangements.

Microphones / Stands and DI’s

•   Two AKG C-414XLS microphones
•   Two AKG C-451 B microphones
•   Two DPA 4090 Omni microphones
•   One Neumann TLM-103
•   Additional Microphones can be acquired as required.
•   A full variety of microphone stands are supplied.
•   Both active and passive DI’s are available.
•   A good compliment of Headphones can be provided.  Provisions for larger ensembles can be made.

Instruments and Recording Space

•   The principal acoustic recording space is a 7 metre (23’) x 10 meter (33’) timber room with slate flooring and a cathedral ceiling
•   Smaller rooms adjacent to the mixing suite can also be utilized for a variety of recordings, such as vocals and guitars and isolation when required.
•   Also provided is a Yamaha C-5 6’7” Conservatory Grand Piano.  Only a few years old it has been keep in top condition by Hobart’s first call tuner and piano technician.
•   There is no additional charge for the use of the Piano, but the cost of tuning will be the responsibility of the client.

Keyboards, Samplers and Synthesisers

•   A Korg N5ex keyboard controller and synthesizer.
•   A Yamaha SO8 88 note weighted keyboard controller and synthesizer.
•   Moto’s MachFive2 virtual sampler with a 65 Gigabyte library of samples.
•   Native Instruments Komplete6 with over 6 Gigabytes of Samples.
•   Spectrasonics RMX Stylus with the following expanders:

>   Metamorphosis

>   Backbeat

>   Liquid Grooves

>   RetroFunk

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