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The following is a brief recap of John Haeny’s accomplishments during his

50+ year career as a Recording Engineer, Mixer, Sound Editor, Sound Designer,

 Producer, Facilities Designer, Technologist, Educator and Manager in the

 Entertainment and Entertainment related Industries.

Work History

Semi-retired and Director of Unity Creative Services Pty. Ltd., owner and operator of  Sunny Hills Studios, a residential recording and mixing studio in Glen Huon, Tasmania AustraliaCurrent


Head of Sound Australian Film Television and Radio School, Sydney Australia – 2001 / 2003

During my tenure with the AFTRS I:

•  Contributed to the strategic planning for the AFTRS in areas of expertise.
•  Evolved, planed and supervised a cohesive program of advanced sound courses covering sound recording, sound editing, sound mixing and screen composition.
•  Consulted in the field with specialist industry representatives and groups as appropriate in order to provide input to course development.
•  Taught, consulted, lectured and tutored in areas of expertise in the fulltime and short course programs, including online courses.
•  Effectively managed cost centre budget and course budgets, the latter in conjunction with the National Curriculum Manager and the Head of Film and Television.
•  Acted as consultant in establishing appropriate resources and content for all sound courses including interstate sound courses.
•  Continuously assess student academic progress and provide associated reports, in accordance with procedures set down in the curriculum and syllabus of the Graduate Diploma, MA and MA Honours Degrees.
•  Participated on committees, review boards and panels constituted to deal with recruitment, curriculum, student assessment and review; attend production meetings.
•  Appraised and develop subordinate staff.

 In addition during my two years at the AFTRS I was able to significantly expand and stabilise the Screen Composition Department, then operated under the umbrella of the Sound Department.  Included in these achievements were:

•  Acquisition and installation of two new Screen Composition Suites.
•  An entirely new Screen Composition Syllabus still very much intact in the current program of the school.
•  Created a Orchestra Recording Initiative, providing the Screen Composition students a high-end opportunity to record their music with a Symphony Orchestra at the end of each school year.
•  During my tenure we conducted three such sessions.  One with the Sydney Youth Orchestra and two with members of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra.  These sessions resulted in Orchestra Scores for nine AFTRS films and lifted the music experience, not only for the Screen Composition Students, but the Producers, Directors and all key crew members attached to those projects.
•  Secured a grant from APRA (Australian Performing Rights Association) for $12,000 with a second grant submitted to APRA.  These grants were used to assist in the funding of the Orchestra Recording Initiative.
•  The Screen Composition Department now has the full support of the Australian Screen Composers Guild and is now a ‘stand-alone’ course at the AFTRS.  It attracts all of the best Screen Composers in Australia as Lecturers and Mentors.
•  Additionally I created and taught a month long core unit, shared between Screen Composition Students and MA Sound students, studying the art and science of producing, recording and mixing music.


Manufacturing and Marketing

International Product Manager – Fairlight ESP Pty Ltd, Sydney Australia – 1997 / 1999

I was brought on-board by Fairlight to contribute my expertise as a sound editor/sound designer and mixer to Fairlight’s ongoing product development agenda. These were some of my responsibilities and accomplishments:

•  Senior level management position, contributing to all corporate strategic planning.
•  Created and managed Fairlight’s Direct File Exchange Initiative, which was the first international high level manufacturers attempt to resolve the connectivity issues presented by various digital audio platforms.
•  Manager in charge of all media advertising, brochures, white papers and technical documentation.
•  Principal liaison between customers, international sales and support and Research & Development.
•  Established a Beta Site Program and tracked all Fault Reporting.
•  Supervised all Software Releases, including Alpha, Beta and Final Release.
•  Co-originator for all domestic and international Trade Shows, including booth layout and design and the production of all product presentations.
•  Established and presented a program of regular, international User Group Meetings.
•  Manager of all third party product developments.

The Post Production Industry

Todd-AO Studios, Hollywood California – 1989 / 1999

During my ten year plus tenure with Todd-AO Studios in Hollywood, these were some of my responsibilities and accomplishments:

 •  I acquired extensive credits as a Supervising Sound Effects Editor and Sound Designer.  These credits span Major Feature Films as well as Network Television, Cable Television and Special Projects(See  ‘Motion Picture‘ and ‘Television‘ credits.)  Also earned during this time were a handful of awards, including Emmy and Golden Reel nominations as well as a British Academy Award.

•  Created and taught the yearly Todd-AO Studios Electronic Editorial Workshops,  used by Todd-AO Studios as a community outreach program and to discover and develop new sound editorial and mixing talent.

•  Held the position of Director of Editorial Technology.  These responsibilities included:

>  Entertainment Technologist, responsible for the investigation, implementation and migration of all new technologies throughout the Editorial Facilities.
>  Head of all Editorial Department Technical Facilities.  Responsible for the design, construction, equipping, training, staffing and daily technical operations of the Electronic Editorial facility.
>  The Project Management of all facilities expansion projects related to the Editorial Department.
>  Established and Administrated the yearly Capital Expenditure Budgets for the Editorial Department.
>  Consulted regarding the implementation and migration of all new technologies throughout the entire Todd-AO Studios operation.
>  Designed and supervised the construction of the worlds first totally digital Television Sitcom Audio Production facility for Todd-AO Studios.


During 1995 and 1996 I was invited to teach at the prestigious University of Southern California, School of Cinema-Television as an Adjunct Professor.  I taught two semesters of Intermediate, Graduate Level and Advanced Sound for Motion Pictures.  My career as an educator was put on hold because of pressing responsibilities to my then primary employer, Todd-AO Studios.

In Australia I was attached to the University of Technology, Sydney as an Honorary Visiting Fellow, Faculty of the Humanities with the title of Director of Industry Programs, Media Arts Department.

Independent Post Production Mixer and Editor

My credits during this period were substantial and included Network Television Episodic, Sitcoms and Specials, Children’s Programming, Soap Operas, Sports Presentations, Television Commercials and Music Videos. (See the attached ‘Motion Picture‘ and ‘Television‘ Credits.)

The Music Industry

Recording Engineer, Producer and Mixer in the American Music Industry – 1962 / 1982

My time in the American Music Industry spanned the birth of American Popular Rock and Roll in San Francisco during the early 60’s, the emergence of popular Folk and Ethnic Music and the explosion of the ‘California Sound’ during the 70’s and 80’s. Contributing to nearly one hundred Albums, my credits are diverse, running the gamut of musical styles from John Coltrane to Jim Morrison and the Doors.

Long before Producer/Engineers were the norm, I was contributing more than just engineering talents to the albums I made.  I broke new ground by being one of the very first to combine my skills, contributing the role of Producer/Engineer for various artists including  jazz saxophonist John Klemmer (Fresh Feathers), singer/songwriter Tom Jans (Eyes Of An Only Child) and Jim Morrison and the Doors (An American Prayer).

For my work in the American Music Industry I have been awarded in excess of 20 Gold and Platinum RIAA Records.  It is conservative to say that my recordings have sold well in excess of 30,000,000 copies. Additionally some of my awards include a Grammy nomination and the prestigious Edison Award from Holland.

 Chief Engineer of Elektra Records during their formative and historic years. – 1968 / 1971

My accomplishments and responsibilities with Elektra Records included:

•  Recorded virtually all of Elektra Records major Recording Artists.
•  Supervised all of Elektra Records national recording activities.
•  Pioneered Dolby recording for popular music.
•  Designed and built the worlds first all solid state recording studio.  (Elektra Studio B, Los Angeles, California.)
•  Designed and built the first all paper, soffited, bi-amplified, three way audio monitoring system for music recording.
•  Responsible for equipment, facilities, operating personnel and quality control nationally.

Included is a list of those Artists/Musician’s I have worked with extensively in the course of my career.  Additionally there is a list of those Albums I have recorded either in their entirety or made major contributions to that have received RIAA sales certification.  There is also a detailed Discography on this site.

I remain committed to contributing my talents and substantial body of work to furthering the careers of Australian Recording Artists and Filmmakers.