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Welcome to the Home page of John Haeny

An internationally renowned music mixer, recording engineer. sound designer and more .

Unity Creative Services Pty Ltd is the Australian corporate umbrella for all my professional endeavors.
Sunny Hills Studios is a personal mixing studio, including equipment information and photos.  I am available to contribute to various projects including:

–  Recording and or mixing of music for film and television
–  Recording and or mixing of all genres’ of contemporary and classical music
–  Recording, mixing and production for a select group of developing artists

>  Extensive credits across the many areas of my career, including a complete Discography of my work in the Music Industry.
>  The Stories page has a variety of articles and stories I have written over the years.
The Listening Room  is where I will, over time, post a significant number of excerpts of my work across a large variety of genres’.   I will also post some un-released, lesser known and obscure gems that I’ve had the pleasure of helping to create.
>  A links page that contains useful and interesting links related to my career and the Music and Sound Engineering industries in general.
>  How to contact me.

Note – there is a new page for Independent Artists

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