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•   Criteria for modeling of a Reel to Reel Analogue Tape Recorder. 

Posted December 24, 2013

In 2009, just prior to Waves embarking on the modeling of an Analogue Valve Reel to Reel tape recorder plug-in, the Product Manger assigned with this task (Mike Fradis), provided me a list of questions about what considerations I though would be important in the creation of such a plug.  As is usually my way, a fairly short list of questions became the bones of an ‘information  dump’ of my thoughts and experience on the matter.  It ended up being a recap of most of the equipment I had worked with during my career and how that equipment was implemented and impacted on my work.  I have just recently learned that Wave’s actually studied this paper and used it as a reference during their modeling of the Ampex 351-2 valve tape recorder and the creation of the plug-in (initially MPX, later re-badged KMT for legal reasons).  Also because it exists, I see no reason to not post it HERE knowing that there will always be someone who will find this information useful.