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Sunny Hills Studios is a privately owned Recording and Mixing facility, located in my residence.  As such, it is not open to ‘off the street walk-in commercial business’.

The work I undertake is for artists where we have shared goals and working ethics … where I feel I can make a positive contribution to their music (independent of genres’) … and for Artist who want what I can contribute to their work.  Mixing is an art, and as such is highly subjective.  All professional mixers of a certain caliber have a ‘voice’, as do all artists.  It’s critical that the ‘voice’ of the mixer enhances and extends the ‘voice’ of the artist.

To ensure our collaboration is a fruitful one, please follow this link to ‘Submitting Material’.

Working in Tasmania ?

Good question!  Here are some options, all of which have been very successful over the many years I’ve been working in Tasmania.

•  Broadband has greatly simplified the exchange of materials between Tasmania, the Mainland of Australia or Overseas.

>  When practical FTP arrangements can be made.
>  When the source materials are massive, then a courier service for DL-DVD’s / Blu-ray DL Data Disks or Hard Drives is a good option.  This can be under 24 hours between the Mainland and Tasmania.
>  Australia Express Post turnaround between the Mainland and Tasmania is 48 hours or less.  Turnaround between Tasmania and the Mainland is often 24 hours or less.

•  I’m quite happy working independently … which is not to say that I don’t enjoy or require your collaboration.  Here are some options for your consideration:

>  You can send me your material with a written brief or we can discuss the project in advance by phone or by Skype.  I prefer not to listen to reference mixes as they tend to ‘inhibit’ my creative process.  Your sessions will be enough to fully inform me about the direction required for your mix.
>  As completed, reference MP3’s can be emailed to you to ensure the we are on the same page.  With a score for film or television, reference mixes can be provided to allow you to review the approach taken for each ‘family’ of cues.
>  In the case of an album mix, MP3 references of each song can be provided by email after each mix is completed for your approval.  The same would be true in the case of the mixes of a single song or a select group of songs.  I’m more than happy to integrate your feedback into a reasonable number of mix revisions.
>  This has proven to be more than adequate for stereo mixes for Television Scores and Albums.
>  When all the mixes are finished they can be returned to you a variety of ways.  If required, reasonable additional revisions can be accommodated through exchanged notes by email, phone or Skype.
>  On major projects, once the project is completed, you are welcome to come to Tasmania (a reasonably cheep airfare and about 1 hour and 50 minutes flying time from Sydney).  With advance notification I will be happy to provide accommodation for a few nights and provide you return transportation from and to the airport.

–  This is generally done for mix review, notes and fixes on major projects.
–  This is almost always mandatory when the mix is 5.0 or 5.1 since few artist have the ability to appropriately evaluate these formats in the proper technical environment.

•  If you feel would like to attend the entire duration of the project you are more than welcome.  If your visit is more than a few days we can discuss, and if appropriate, it may be necessary for you to make your own arrangements for accommodation and transportation.   I will be more than happy to assist you with these arrangements should you require.

All of these options are open for discussion, so if you would like to go further,

please continue to follow the links provided or contact me directly.

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