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Sunny Hills Studios and John Haeny offer a range of services. 
Below is an outline of the services available.
If you don’t find the information you are looking for,
please feel free to contact me using the ‘Contact’ link

Services include:

•   Mixing (music)

>    Stereo through 5.1 Music and Cinema

–   Popular, Jazz, New World…virtually any genre’
–   Screen Music (Film and Television)

•   Music Recording

>   On Site when the instrumentation suits the facility
>   Off-Site including Interstate…based on musical requirements and facilities utilized (If you require I am happy to assist you with this process.)

•   Music Production and Co-Production (depending on the artist)

•   Mastering for CD and iTunes

•   New Artist Development, Production, Recording and Mixing

>   Demo Material is accepted.  Please see “Submitting Material” and follow the links

•   Consultancy

>   Mix Assessment, Evaluation
>   Recording and Production Assessment
>   Facilities Design, Acoustical Treatment and correction of problems in existing facilities or performance spaces (Commercial or Home)

•   Academic

>   Lectures
>   Syllabus, Course Design and Course Audit for established Teaching Organizations
>   Master Classes in:

–   Recording
–   Mixing
–   Production

(These classes are held by special advance arrangement.  Application/qualifications will apply. The group will be limited to between 2 and 4 students.)

•   Sound Design (Note…special requirements apply. Please contact John for further information.)

>   Sound Effects and Sound Design
>   Dialogue Editing
>   Pre-Mixing (Cinema-Theatrical Release)
>   Final Mixing (primarily Television and Documentaries)
>   Film Mixing (certain technical arrangements apply)

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