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My Favorite Links

 Last updated August 6, 2013

•   Island26 Photography

My good friend, photographer and fellow artist, Tony Lomas did my best, and probably last portrait (I say ‘last’ because I’ll never again be that young). Tony exceeded all my expectations and in the process became a good and treasured friend!  His web site has a Blog called “Portrait Of A Legend” about that session.  When you visit, I suggest you take the time to look around.  Tony’s site has some great photography on display.  Tony is remarkably talented plus an extraordinary kind and gentle-man.  Without his help and support my web site would not exist.  Thanks again Tony for being my PDF  (Personal Dumbfuck by Fone)!

•   Nodal

For those of you who like to explore new music technology check this out, it’s amazing, it’s cheep, it’s Australian and it’s here.   But most importantly it represents a new way to work with, and think about music … to get yourself outside the box.  You’ll find it quite amazing if you spend some time with it, our you can just explore some of the built in examples.  Nodal is about ‘playing’ with music, which is after all, what music should be about!   Nodal also has good tutorials and a PDF manual.  I discovered it by accident on a science show on Australia TV .

This software reminds me of when I was mixing Weather Report’s Live Album.  While I was getting set-up for the session, Joe Zawinul was jamming in a corner of the control room on a two manual keyboard using one hand on each keyboard.  What he was playing was amazing!   He was doing what he called ‘talking’ which was his expression for when someone was ‘in the zone’.   After a while he stopped and looked over at me and asked if I noticed anything unusual about what he was doing.  I said “nope”.   He asked me to watch for something different and then he started playing.  Again he stopped … looking to me for an answer, but I told him I couldn’t see anything unusual at all.  Then he touched the high and low notes on each keyboard.  He had reversed scaling on the keyboards.  On one keyboard when he went up the pitch went down and the other keyboard was the reverse of that.  When I eventually recovered my senses I asked him why he would do such a thing?   His answer was that it gave him a fresh perspective “like swimming underwater sideways”.   I’ve never forgot that.  It was one of those moments when you hear or experience something and it stays with you for a lifetime.

I tell this story because Nodal reminds me of that experience.  Give it a play, some of you will be amazed.  It’s only around USD30 and you can download a free demo.   Who knows, it might help you swim underwater sideways 😉

Note:  I have no personal or commercial interest in this software!

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